Thermal insulation

Priner has efficient thermal insulation solutions designed to conserve energy and reduce operating risks. Our technical staff is highly qualified and has extensive industrial market experience: New plants, expansions, preventive and corrective maintenance.


. Cold . Hot hard . Hot flexible . Coating in metal sheets . Refractory concrete . Welding stud welding . Prevents contact burns

Removable and Reusable

. Easy to install, with no need for tools and specialized labor. . Removable, allows quick and easy access for inspection and maintenance of equipment. . Reusable, it can be reused at any time, working as a cover. . It has a coating, which eliminates the need for protection with sheet metal. . Reduces downtime for insulation execution.

PFP - Passive Fire Protection

. 180 minutes of Lloyd's-certified protection against hydrocarbon (UL 1709) and fire-jet (ISO 22899-1 and OTI 95-634) fire conditions. . Customized protection for valves, actuators, pipes, vessels, trays and instruments. . Resistance to explosion with pressure of 1.62 bar. . Access panels for maintenance and inspection. . It allows the inclusion of gas ventilation and cooling system.

Thermoplastic Coating

Composed of polypropylene with mechanical resistance, it is suitable for protecting thermal insulation: . Material with low attractiveness for theft and vandalism. . Facilitates line identification through color variation. . Longer service life expectancy – Resilience.

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Cases in Thermal insulation

Thermal Insulation in Refineries

Refineries Abreu e Lima Refinery | Pernambuco | 2014

27 thousand m² of thermal insulation

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