SafeCool and WCM-Welding Control Module. The new Habitat equipment that ensures enhanced productivity

May | 2017

NR15 without restrictions


The pressurized habitat is an efficient engineering solution for industries where hot work is required in potentially explosive areas, providing effective mitigation of risks from welding and other ignition sources.

The combined use of SafeCool and the WCM with Habitat boosts safety and operator productivity. SafeCool keeps the internal atmosphere of the habitat cool, in line with NR 15 limits, while the WCM module allows the automatic shutdown of welding tools if gas is detected.


SafeCool is an air-conditioning unit certified for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. Developed for continuous operation in hot and damp environments and specially designed for challenging climates and tough working conditions, including hazardous or classified zones.

Combined with Habitat, it ensures ideal work temperatures where heat-related stress and fatigue constitute critical health and safety factors.

It has three temperature settings, works independently from the pressurization system, can be easily moved and the structure has DNV certification.
The WCM| Weld Control Module allows the automatic shutdown of all hot work tools or gear in the event of inflammable or toxic gas detection within or near the habitat. The equipment has two emergency buttons to enable immediate shutdown. When used together with the pressure control module, the energy supply to the hot work tools is automatically cut off in the event of pressure loss. Other advantages: controlled cooling, reduces humidity and rapid installation.

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