The focus on excellence in Quality Assurance, Health, Safety & Environment is one of Priner's core values. The area is staffed by qualified professionals, trained to meet legal requirements and the needs of the various market segments. Our Integrated Management system pursues continuous improvement of the company's internal processes, taking preventive action to minimize irregularities, accidents, incidents, occupational diseases and environmental impacts.


Priner holds ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 14001 (Environment) and ISO 45001 (Safety) certification. Our Integrated Management System has enabled us to systematize processes, boost our competitive edge in the market and maximize safety, health and environment results.



Environmental responsibility is a guiding principle of Priner's operations. We have taken innumerable steps to protect and preserve the environment.

Since the beginning of 2003, we have invested heavily in replacing wood floors in scaffolding with steel floors, which are more durable and ecologically acceptable, thereby contributing to a reduction in logging and a greener planet.

We currently have approximately 210,000 meters of metal flooring for use in our scaffolding. All the wood used in our equipment comes from legal sources, licensed by the Ministry of the Environment – the Brazilian Institute for the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources. We require our suppliers to provide the legal documentation relating to the source, transport and suppliers' registration, with a focus on:

DOF – Forestry Source Document
CTF – Federal Technical Certificate of Clearance to use Natural Resources
GF3 – Forestry Control Invoice for Transport of Forest Products

We also invest in oil reutilization systems, to mitigate the potential environmental impacts of contamination caused by lubrication processes. Along the same lines, Priner has invested in quick-coupling scaffolding, eliminating the use of brackets and threaded connection sleeves. The wedge lock system is oil-free, offering productivity gains and a competitive edge.

Equipment damaged at work sites and rated unfit for use by our quality control department is removed for processing into smaller parts or recycling. Discarded carbon steel parts are dispatched to steel mills and recycled for use in other steel products. Aluminum flooring is reprocessed and returned to Priner as new products of the same type. Wood flooring waste is dispatched to accredited partners for conversion into energy.

Our Selective Waste Collection Project sorts waste and contracts with licensed associations and companies in each region ensure appropriate waste disposal and recycling and the preservation of natural resources.


In the medical field, we have an intensive program of lectures, campaigns and activities for employees on issues ranging from quality of life to preventive measures such as vaccination, workplace exercises and physical activities.


Maintaining a safe working environment, through risk mitigation and the reduction of potential hazards of the facilities and services, is a core value for our management. We take preventive measures for the safety of our employees and contractors, following planned and systematic steps to control incidents and accidents. Improvements and critical process analysis and programs to promote worker awareness and changes in attitudes are implemented with the support and involvement of senior management.

SIPAT – In-house Accident Prevention Week

During SIPATs, we discuss occupational health and safety issues, promoting the effective participation of employees and the involvement of officers and managers. We want our employees to retrieve values lost in the dynamics of everyday life, and not only to be conscious of safety concepts, but to put them into practice. We therefore seek to promote awareness of the importance of eliminating work-related accidents and adopting a preventive approach towards recognition and correction of hazardous conditions and practices in the working environment.

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