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Contact us for further information about Priner's engineering services and solutions for civil construction and industrial plants. Send your message here or by e-mail to, we want to hear from you.

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This is an exclusive channel for registering complaints and reports on possible violations of the Code of Ethics and Conduct, Integrity Policy against Corruption and Bribery, and any Internal Policies of the companies of the Priner group, as well as any illegal conduct committed by our members.
Send your message to (internal contact) or (external contact), or use the form below without having to fill in the" name "," e-mail "and" telephone "fields. The information received will be treated confidentially, ensuring absolute secrecy, ensuring the absence of any type of retaliation.

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Rio de Janeiro

Matriz Priner e Smartcoat Quality Shopping Av. Geremario Dantas, 1400 | 2°. Piso - Freguesia Jacarepaguá CEP 22.760-401 | Rio de Janeiro - RJ

Tel.: (21) 3544-3100

Duque de Caxias

Av. Feliciano de Castilho, s/n – Quadra 24-B, Lote 36 e Av. Carmem Miranda, s/n – Quadra 24-B, LOTES 31, 33 e 35 - Chácaras Rio Petrópolis CEP 25.231-250 | Duque de Caxias – RJ

Tel.: (21) 3544-3100


Filial Priner e Smartcoat Rod. Amaral Peixoto, 4885, KM 183,5 CEP 27.965-250 Barreto | Macaé - RJ

Tel. (22) 2141-8500

São Paulo

Av. Prefeito João Vila Lobo Quero, 1505 - Jardim Belval CEP 06.422-122 | Barueri - SP

Tel.: (11) 3201-7831


Av. Concêntrica, s/n - Parte - Camaçari de Dentro CEP 42.806-040 | Camaçari - BA

Tel.: (71) 3443-2700

Espírito Santo

Rua Castelo, 1107 – Jardim Limoeiro CEP 29.164-030 | Serra – ES

Tel.: (27) 2141-4509